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We limit our corporate finance practice to private offerings that qualify for an exemption to state and federal securities registration requirements. Nevertheless, we will associate with and work alongside experienced counsel for any of our client projects that involve a public offering.

During the past few years, we have helped a variety of clients across many industries — including fashion, entertainment, and technology — raise private equity capital in Series A, Series B, and Series C Preferred Stock Offerings and Convertible Debt Offerings. We have also advised both high-net worth individuals and professional venture funds in evaluating and negotiating private equity investments. Our services typically include:

Advising clients on rules governing private offerings generally

Planning funding strategy

Evaluating and amending a capitalization structure

Evaluating business plans

Preparing offering memoranda

Negotiating venture capital term sheets

Negotiating and drafting preferred stock terms

Negotiating and drafting registration rights

Preparing and filing Form D

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